Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions of UQBAH Funeral Assistance Service provided by LICARS

1 The aim of UQBAH Funeral Assistance
UQBAH funeral assistance facilitated by London Islamic Culture And Recreation Society (charity no:1057815) is established to support its members and their families with funeral and burial costs.

2 Membership Requirements
2.1 All Muslims over the age of 18 can be a member.
2.2 Incapacitated persons including those who are handicapped require the approval of the board of UQBAH.
2.3 You must be permanently a resident in The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
2.4 You are required to pay a registration fee at the start of your membership to UQBAH as shown in section 5 below.

3 Membership Application
3.1 All UQBAH membership applications are to be assessed and authorized by the board.
3.2 All applicants are required to provide:
* Proof of identification
* Proof of residence
* Doctor’s medical report
3.3 Applicants with life-threatening illnesses are required to pay the maximum registration fee.
3.4 You are also required to pay the maximum registration fee if an eligible family member suffers from a life-threatening illness (please see section 7 – eligible family members)
3.5 Completed application forms to be posted to LICARS, 130 Stoke Newington Road, London, N16 7XA. All required documents must be submitted with the application form.
3.6 The board reserves the right to refuse an application at their discretion and they are not obliged to give an explanation for the refusal.

4 Start of membership
All successful applicants will be posted a welcome letter with their membership card within 30 days after we receive the completed application form with the required documents. (see section 3.2)

5 Membership Registration Fees
Age | Amount
0-30 / £0
31-50 / £50
51-65 / £100
66-80 / £500
81+ / £1500

6 Annual fees and payment terms
6.1 The annual fee is estimated by the board based on administrative costs and funeral expenditure from the previous year.
6.2 When the actual expenditure is calculated at the end of the year the balance is carried over to the following year’s annual fee.
6.3 The annual fee is to be paid by standing order or bank transfer. Members will have to bear any costs associated with these payment methods.
6.4 The annual fee is to be paid before 31st January for the respective year. Membership will be suspended and may be canceled if the annual fee is not paid.
6.5 The suspension of membership does not eliminate the obligation to pay any annual fees in arrears.

7 Eligible Family Members are
7.1 The member and the spouse.
7.2 Children are under 18.
7.3 Severely handicapped children (70%) who are not earning (no age limit).
7.4 In the case of a divorced supported spouse can make their own separate application. The registration fee (section 5) is not applicable if the application is made within a year of the divorce. However, the annual fee amount for the respective year is payable

8 Possible Scope of Support For Members
8.1. All regulatory affairs, The board will decide whether support can be rendered as soon as the member or the next of kin as per section 7 informs UQBAH in the case of death. Provided the board grants support, a contracted funeral director will be assigned in providing the following services;
a. Preparing the deceased in accordance with Islamic custom and practice,
b. The disposal of the deceased in accordance with the European standard,
c. Support in facilitating the outward and return journeys for an accompanying person if the funeral is to be abroad (economy class).
8.2 UQBAH will only bear the costs up to the designated airport for the deceased traveling to another country outside of Turkey.
8.3 Costs of up to £3000 will be covered for those who are being buried in the UK/EU/EEA or in Switzerland.
8.4 Members who die outside the UK/EU/EEA or Switzerland can be transferred to and buried in the UK/EU/EEA or Switzerland provided the costs do not exceed £3000.
8.5 Costs up to £750 will be paid for those who die and are buried outside the UK/EU/EEA or Switzerland if the claim is submitted no later than six months after the death of the member.
8.6 The funeral costs can only be supported in the UK/EU/EEA or in Switzerland for miscarriages (pregnancy loss) under 500 grams as per the meaning of the funeral act of that country.
8.7 The following documents and receipts must be made available to the contract funeral directors: ID card, passport, death certificate or death report, marriage certificate (internationally valid, otherwise in English translation), membership ID.
8.8 UQBAH will not be liable for costs arising as a result of the non-presentation of documents as listed in section 7.
8.9 UQBAH will not be liable for delays due to bank holidays, and delays that are caused by the airlines or the contracted funeral directors.

9 Obligation to Notify
Every member is required to truthfully, completely and accurately inform UQBAH about any changes to their personal details and those of their family members. UQBAH will bear no responsibility for consequences arising from missing details/documents.

10 Claim for Support
The members have no legal claim to support from UQBAH. All support of UQBAH is voluntary and requires a board resolution.

11 Termination of the membership
11.1 Membership ends via cancellation, exclusion or death.
11.2 Each member can cancel the membership at the end of the calendar year. The cancellation must be in writing.
11.3 Members can be excluded by the board if the gross infringement of the member against Islamic principles is found to exist.
11.5 All rights and obligations of the member lapse when a membership ends. A refund of contributions paid is not applicable.

12 Other provisions
The board has the exclusive right to deal with discrepancies between the members and administration of UQBAH.

13 Place of Jurisdiction
As the residence of the member must be in The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, then the place of jurisdiction is also The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

14 Applicable Law
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland law applies to the dealings between the member and UQBAH.

15 The Association’s management to make changes to the Specification if necessary
UQBAH Board of Directors; has the authority to unilaterally amend the Code in case of changes in law, jurisprudence or changes in business relations. Such amendments shall become effective for all members as of the first day of the new year. Accordingly, it is sufficient for the UQBAH to notify its members of the planned changes, provided that the appropriate time has been set aside for the appeal and information on what consequences will arise in the absence of an appeal.