Questions & Answers

Application and registration

  1. What do I need to do in case of change of address/bank?

    Changes must be notified by fax, e-mail or post.

  2. Could membership be rejected?

    Membership is not accepted if there is a violation of the specification in the application for membership.

  3. When does the membership start?

    After the entrance fee has been deposited to our account and the medical reports have been delivered within 60 days; The first day of the month membership begins. Then the membership card is sent to the relevant address.

  4. Where can I get a membership application form?

    Application forms can be obtained from our communities or from our website or you can become a member by filling out the online registration application on our website.

  5. How can I become a member of the Funeral Assistance Association?

    In order to become a member of the Funeral Assistance Association, it is sufficient to fill the application form of the Association in a complete and legible manner and to submit it to our office.

About family members in membership

  1. What kind of application do you have for those over 60?

    A doctor’s report and a doctor’s certificate confirming that they do not have a life-threatening illness must be submitted in order for people over 60 to become a member.
    In the case of the presence of dangerous diseases in the doctor’s report, the highest fee in the entrance fee is applied.
    There is no right to the legal claim that the person can become a member. The Board of Directors of the Association may refuse membership.

  2. What should I do in case of divorce?

    If the member who benefits from the UQBAH through his/her spouse wants to continue as the main member after the divorce, he/she can become the main member without paying the entrance fee. In this case, the photocopy of the divorce document issued by the court and the application for registration that they have just completed (by writing a former member number) should be sent to us.

  3. What should we do for new-born children?

    A copy of the birth certificate is sufficient.

  4. Can my family become members with me?

    All family members whose conditions are suitable to have the right to the membership through the membership of their parents. Children who are until the age of 18 and children have at least 70% of disabilities can benefit from this membership.

Membership card and inability to receive service from membership

  1. What do I do if the membership card is lost?

    If requested, a new one is sent and no additional fee is required.

Entrance fee and Cost for a year

  1. Are annual expenses be paid monthly or annually?

    Annual expenses are paid once a year.

  2. How is the funeral fee determined?

    Expenses and current expenses incurred for the members who died during the year are calculated at the end of the year and divided by the number of members.

  3. What is the cover charge? Why is the entrance fee different?

    The entrance fee is a processing fee and is charged from all members who apply. Entrance fees are different according to the age group, according to the age difference between our members to ensure a certain payment justice.

How to make a transfer and considerations

  1. What should I do if I have overpaid for the cost share and entrance fee?

    If the bank account document is sent, it is refunded.

  2. Do I have to pay for the transaction costs due to bank withdrawals?

    The person has to pay if it originated from him.

  3. What should I pay attention to when transferring the allowance?

    When transferring the cost share, especially the member number and surname should be noted.

About unsubscribe

  1. How does membership go down without any action?

    As per the specification, a member’s membership continues as long as he/she pays his/her expense share. If he has not paid that year, he cannot continue to the next year as a member.

  2. How to get out of membership?

    Each member may terminate his/her membership by the end of the calendar year. Termination must be sent to us in writing within the relevant year.

About Services

  1. In case of death, what services does the funeral aid association offer?

    Transport company charges and one person accompanying the funeral will go to Turkey for the round-trip, economy class air ticket to meet.

    Should it be the funeral of a country other than Turkey, our association meets the transport costs will be transported to the airport only?

    In European burials, it can be covered up to £3,000.

Considerations in case of death

  1. Is there any delay in case of death on holidays?

    Our association assumes no liability for any delays or delays caused by aircraft companies or funeral firms.

  2. Are there any difficulties in the funeral process of those who are British citizens?

    There is no problem in the procedures of foreign nationals.

  3. Is there any way to determine the day of transportation of the funeral?

    We provide such an opportunity at our own risk.

  4. Who should be called in the news of the death?

    It is sufficient for members’ relatives to call our association.